Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace Review

The Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace is one of this brand's most advanced and protective units currently on the market, and claims of superior knee support and increased performance have made it one of the most popular options for individuals that need a little support. But is it really all they say it is? Check out review below to see if this fits your criteria!

Claims on the Shock Doctor 875

Here’s what the Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace may help with:

  • Improve knee stability and increase performance
  • Enhanced comfort relative to other knee braces
  • Additional support for major ligament sprains, muscle strains, and unstable joints.

Initial Thoughts

The Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace is made with N-Tex material which ensures that moisture is wicked away from the skin, but it also regulates heat in order to provide therapeutic heat treatment to the affected muscles or joints. With the knee brace’s integrated antimicrobial technology, the possibility of odor-causing bacteria forming is also drastically reduced. We found this brace to be a good fit for rigorous activities as it offers amazing support, and it’s also very durable.

Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace in Action

Technological advances these days are coming in at such a speed that the market is literally flooded with one-thousand-and-one latest and greatest products. It’s no different when it comes to the world of knee braces, and we’re definitely not complaining. A lot of athletes are pushing themselves to the limit, which generally means that they need an array of choices when it comes to picking the proper supportive wear. Enter the Shock Doctor 875 Ultra Knee Brace.

The 875 works great for athletes (and pretty much anybody really) who suffer from conditions such as medial and lateral knee problems, major and moderate ligament sprains, unstable joints, and muscle strains. In fact, we have voted this to be one of our top picks for the best knee braces for basketball, one of the best ACL knee braces, as well as one of the best knee braces for football.

What We Like

If there’s one thing that just stands out about this knee brace, it would have to be its ability to withstand (and move with) rigorous activities. The Shock Doctor 875 comprises of great stitching that compliments the patella support finishes and sleek Lycra material used in its construction. This knee brace is probably one of the most durable braces in its class.

With its X-fit straps and a dual hinge, the brace ensures that you’ll always have the best knee support and protection, while still allowing you to move around. Inherent therapeutic benefits that come with the Shock Doctor 875 includes warmth retention and thermal control, which may help speed up recovery time since blood flow is promoted. N-Tex airflow technology at the back of the knee also ensures that the brace allows for adequate ventilation, which eliminates any issues with skin irritations. This is also greatly enhanced due to the inclusion of Integrated Antimicrobial Technology, which will help keep odors and buildup out of the interior space of the brace.

We appreciated the fact that the Shock Doctor 875 knee brace has finger tabs because it allows you to secure a firm grip while putting the brace on, and as you know, this can be a make or break point when it comes to a great fit.​

What We Don't Like

There are a few things about the Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace that are…well not-so-nice. Luckily they are few and far in-between. One of our biggest issues was with the sizing of the brace. People who order online are advised to order their brace one size larger than they normally would, and a lot of people think that they don’t fall under the “Regular Joe" category. This ultimately results in confusion and some customers complaining that the brace runs about one size smaller than it’s advertised for.

Then there’s the matter of a break-in period. The Shock Doctor 875 doesn’t feel like a dream fit the first couple of times that you wear it, and the time required for it to “get comfy” with its wearer differs from one person to another.

Our last piece of beef goes to the wearing period. The 875 simply can’t be worn all day. The reason for this is because things will eventually get a little mucky inside the brace as you work up a sweat. We reckon that taking it off after a few hours of wear is advisable since your leg will thank you for giving it some time to breathe.​

Summary - Pros and Cons of the Shock Doctor 875 Knee brace


  • Very supportive.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Excellent for use with rigorous activities. 


  • Some break-in time required.
  • While charts are provided, perfect sizing may be a little tricky.
  • Should only be used for a few hours at a time.

Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace - General Consensus

The Shock Doctor 875 knee brace is an extremely well-crafted knee brace that offers excellent durability. It's one of the better knee braces to wear during rigorous activity, a finding that has been supported by many happy customers.

However, given the fact that it's a little more robust, there is a bit of a break-in period associated with this brace, and the sizing can be a little tricky at first. Fortunately, if you order the incorrect size, the company is good with returns and you can swap it out, or even just contact them to begin with if you have questions about the sizing.

As for Shock Doctor's claims we described at the very beginning of this article, we think they are correct with most of their claims. However, like anything else, it's good to think critically about marketing claims. While we agree with them, we do find "increased performance" to be a bit of a stretch. This knee brace is meant to be worn while recovering from an injury, but can also be worn to assist with injury prevention. The latter can indirectly improve performance by potentially keeping you on the field longer, but don't expect this brace to improve the fundamental strength and coordination provided by your body (e.g. this won't increase your vertical jump when compared to your normal healthy condition).

Overall, this is one of our favorite knee braces, especially when placed in the context of sport. It could be a bit much for some people who just need very light compression or support, for example that offered from a standard compression sleeve, but at the end of the day, the Shock Doctor 875 knee brace performs its duties admirably.

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