DonJoy Trizone Knee Brace Review

DonJoy’s Performance Trizone Knee Compression Support Knee Sleeve ranks among the top of in its class, but is this knee brace really all that it’s claiming to be? Let’s review its specs and performance to help you better understand if this is the right brace for your individual needs.

Why is the DonJoy Trizone Knee Brace so Popular?

DonJoy’s Performance Trizone Knee Sleeve combines the properties of compression and bracing in one single sleeve brace, making it a complete hybrid solution. Manufactured with carbonized bamboo, this brace’s circular knit construction ensures that it targets and zones in on compressing areas in the knee which support stability.

The great thing about this brace is that it has the ability to stay in place without being taped up, and to add to that convenient benefit, the Trizone Knee Brace is also antibacterial and has self-regulating thermal properties.

This brace is ideal for athletes looking to find compression for their stability zones. The brace features injected silicone which helps provide essential support for your knee joints, enhancing proprioception. Furthermore, this knee brace improves blood circulation around the knee and helps to support the joint structure and muscle tissues.

As the final claim of support on offer from this brace, the Trizone also allows for an enhanced fit and a better range of motion, thanks to the comfort zone which provides lighter compression. Being a low-profile performance product, DonJoy has constructed to help athletes and those who consider themselves part of the general population to keep moving even when they’re recovering from injuries such as inflammation and swelling, strains, tendonitis, and soreness.

Why Trizone's bracing Methods May Help You

  • The hybrid style knee brace offers bracing properties as well as compression.
  • Made with carbonized bamboo and a circular knit construction, the brace targets and provides zonal compression around the knee joints.
  • Features antibacterial and thermal regulating properties.
  • Offers a Stability Zone, Compression Zone, and Comfort Zone.
  • Very low profile performance product that was designed to help athletes stay active and moving even while recovering from sport’s injuries.
  • Built with anti-migration technology, this brace will stay in place even while the wearer is moving.
  • Features a neat stash pocket which is handy for storing items such as cards and keys.
  • Comes with a reflective design to help boost visibility in low-light conditions.

More About the Manufacturer

DonJoy is a top-tier brand in the game of performance products, and as such, they have manufactured an extensive range of products which have been made with athletes in mind. Their sports braces and sleeves all help enhance performance, aid in recovery processes and prevent future injuries. As a sport performance product manufacturer, DonJoy takes great pride in the fact that they are consistently producing performance, prevention, protection, and pain relief products.

DonJoy Trizone Knee Brace Specs

Level of Support Offered: Medium.

Best Uses: Basketball, lacrosse, football, baseball, golf, snowboarding, hockey, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, softball, and tennis.

Comfort Materials: Carbonized bamboo with silicone banding.

Other Materials in Brace: Bamboo, polyester, spandex, and silicone.

Fits Both Knees? No.

The Pros

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    Provides great medium protection for people recovering from injuries or looking to reduce the risk of re-injury.
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    Very comfortable to wear.
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    Stays in place while in use.

The Cons

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    Sizing might be an issue for some people as these braces run a little small.
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    Not as supportive as some other braces, which means that it won’t provide enough support for severely injured joints that require the upmost stabilization.
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    This brace is not interchangeable between knees, which means that you will have to pay careful attention to what brace you’re purchasing to avoid any returns.

Final Thoughts

We reckon that for its price and product type, the DonJoy Trizone Knee Brace is an excellent product. It doesn’t offer maximum support, but then again this brace is essentially a protective and compressive sleeve that combines support with flexibility.

If you’re looking for a medium-support knee brace that delivers on what it claims and you’re looking for an affordable solution, this might well be the ideal knee brace for your needs. If on the other hand, you need a more structurally-secure and supportive knee brace, this might not be the brace that’s fit for your specific needs.

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