DonJoy Trizone Ankle Brace Review

As one of the most popular ankle braces for mild ligament sprains, tendon strains, plantar fasciitis, compression problems, and proprioception, the DonJoy Trizone Ankle Brace is a leader in its class; but why? Check out our review to help you decide whether or not this might be the brace you’ve been looking for to fit your requirements.

What does the DonJoy Trizone ankle brace offer?

The Performance Trizone ankle sleeve is a DonJoy hybrid designed sleeve/brace which was made especially for combining compression and bracing into one single product. Since this sleeve is made with carbonized circular knit bamboo, it allows for highly targeted, zonal compression. Furthermore, this ankle brace is also antibacterial and has thermal regulating properties, which allows for optimal wearing comfort. If you're familiar with the more popular Nike ankle sleeves, the DonJoy Trizone offers a similar design, just a little more robust and supportive.

The Trizone offers those with injuries (or those looking to prevent injuries) three distinct compression zones, including a stability zone (for optimal ankle support and enhanced proprioception), a compression zone (for improved circulation and mild support to the joint structures and muscle tissue), and a comfort zone (for lighter compression, enhanced fit, and better range of motion while in use).

With its low profile, this DonJoy ankle sleeve is a performance product which promotes ankle stability, decreases swelling, provides plantar fascia support, and fits comfortably when worn underneath a shoe without compromising the brace’s fit or function.

Top Features and Benefits

  • With three distinct compression zones, the Trizone ankle brace covers the ankle to provide optimal support and allow people to perform exercises even when they’re recovering from injuries.
  • The brace has a silicone banding which is injected onto the sleeve at manufacturing. This adds medial and lateral support to any sprained ligaments, weak ankles, and even strained tendons.
  • Due to the natural carbonized bamboo, it has natural thermal regulating properties and is also antibacterial, which promotes comfort during extended periods of use.
  • This brace can easily and comfortably be worn with any type of shoe.
  • Enhanced with reflective coating for better low-light visibility.

Ankle and Arch Support

Many of those who are interested in this ankle brace often ask if it can be used to speed up recovery from ankle and foot arch problems that have been previously treated with a CAM boot (controlled ankle movement boot). The answer is "usually". The Trizone ankle brace offers a low (or lower end of medium) level of support that can help cut down on ankle swelling and inflammation.

That said, if you need something more rigid that offers substantial stability rather than compression, you may want to opt for a different brace that has rigid side stays that offer more solid support. 

Also, a nice balance between support, comfort, slim design are lace-up ankle braces. These are just slightly more bulky than the DonJoy Trizone ankle brace, but tend to offer a bit more support. They can still be worn under most shoes. For more information on various types of braces, check out our article on best braces for running

Will it help with Achilles tendon injuries?

When considering this brace towards helping to repair injuries, it's probably best to consider it as a compression sleeve, even though it does offer a little support. This means that this brace doesn’t offer quite enough support to help heal acute or traumatic injuries. 

What is this brace best used for?

This brace is great for those who need a low-medium level of compression and a low amount of support. Therefore, it makes it a great choice for those who are prioritizing a slim design while maximizing what they can get out of that design. 

For example, running, tennis, golf, and general fitness are highly popular activities that can take use of this brace. Additionally, it's not just reserved for sports. Many people deal with more chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, which tend to flare up after prolonged activity, whether it's low-intensity or high-intensity. For example, just going for a walk can be enough to induce some pain and swelling. These symptoms can often be mitigated via compression sleeves, so it also makes it a good option for walking and hiking.

Can it be worn on both the left and right ankle?

Yes, this ankle brace can be worn on either the left or right ankle, so you can switch it around if necessary. The only difference between the available braces is the sizing, which is something you’ll have to pay careful attention to when making a purchase online.

General Pros

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    Provides a decent amount of mild support for the slim design.
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    May help provide relief for arthritis pain.
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    Easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.

General Cons

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    Sizing can be a problem for some people, so don't hesitate to speak to a service agent before purchasing your brace if you want to avoid purchasing a size that is too big or too small.
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    More expensive when compared to other brands of a similar class.

Final Thoughts

The DonJoy Trizone Ankle Brace might not be the most affordable ankle support sleeve on the market, but when it comes to providing good mild support for sore or sprained ankles, it might well be one of the best in its class. We are confident in recommending this product to people looking to invest in a solid brand that provides an ankle brace that will support their ankles while they are exercising.

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