DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace Review

As a performance sports product manufacturer, DonJoy has been a tried and trusted name in the industry for over 30 years. In this post, we’ll show you what their Reaction WEB Knee Brace is all about and how it works. The information we’re about to give you should help you determine whether or not this product is suitable to your personal needs.

The Reaction Web Knee Brace has been specially designed for almost any knee condition, whether it involves post-surgical rehabilitation, or to relieve knee pain associated with conditions such as arthritis. This brace has been designed for athletes and has been precision manufactured according to regulations set out by a qualified sporting orthopedic surgeon, but as with most other braces, these benefits can be extended to the general population as well. Aside from just offering structural support, the DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace may also help relieve pain and holds the potential to speed up the healing process after an injury or operation.

Resembling a spider’s web, the Reaction Web Knee Brace is a visible representation of the innovative design and the use of the latest materials and technology. Providing a structural frame of braces that help support the knee joint, this brace also helps alleviate the load on the knee from muscles and tendons surrounding the knee.

This brace is strong, but flexible hinges work with the elastic materials on the rest of the brace to help adequately support the structure of the knee joint. This means that regardless of what knee condition you have, this brace should be able to offer some assistance, assuming that your condition will benefit from this additional support.

The great thing about the Reaction Web Knee Brace is that it can be worn by professional athletes, as well as amateur sportsmen and the general population. It’s not just a product made with the pros in mind, but is suitable for meeting their needs as well. It can also be used for all sports types such as soccer, high impact sports, athletics, and basketball. This is often considered one of the most versatile knee braces out there, but in order to back that up, let’s look at the brace in more detail.

Can the Web Reaction help relieve pain?

Given the brace has such an elaborate frame, the DonJoy WEB Knee Brace provides relief for all kinds of pain in the knee because it helps take the weight off the muscles and the tendons surrounding the knee. The weight that was causing stress on the knee is dispersed throughout the structure of the brace’s frame, and because the frame is spring loaded to act as both a shock absorber and a structural support system, it actually alleviates pain which can impact the healing process of a knee injury.

Therefore, in most cases, this brace can help relieve knee pain associated with injuries and more chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. Depending on the exact injury or condition, this effect may be more noticeable for certain people. For example, those with patellofemoral pain syndrome, A.K.A. runner's knee, could potentially receive greater pain reduction benefits due to the brace's ability to place the patella in proper alignment. On the other hand, those with patellar tendinopathy or a history of patellar tendon ruptures (e.g. jumper's knee) could receive similar benefits with a more simple and less expensive patellar tendon strap.

If you are unsure about what sort of brace will help reduce pain the most for your specific injury, we suggest chatting with a phsyiotherapist if possible, or doing some research online about your specific injury.

How does the Web Reaction speed up healing?

The Reaction WEB Knee Brace has an elastomeric frame, so it is comprised of an innovative fusion of design and materials that come together nicely to help speed up the healing process and alleviate knee pain. The brace has been designed especially for the stabilization of knee joints in all directions, and the fact that it also helps align the rotation of the knee joint (as little rotation as their inherently is) means that it may help prevent further damage to supporting anatomical structures, such as ligaments and tendons.

What can this brace be used for?

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Chondromalacia Patella (runner’s knee).
  • Quadriceps and Patellar Tendinopathy (jumper’s knee).
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease.
  • General patellofemoral tracking issues.
  • Mild knee osteoarthritis.
  • Later stages of recovery from ligament sprains.


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    Innovative design helps disperse energy, absorb shock, and helps shift pain away from the knee.
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    With an open webbed framework, the brace is very comfortable to wear since it’s very breathable.
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    The webbing in the brace stabilizes the knee cap on all sides, which helps bring the knee cap into the right tracking position for optimal pain relief.
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    The brace’s lightweight design makes it ideal for all-day use, even more so when worn with the included under-sleeve made with spandex and nylon.
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    Due to the universal fit of the brace, this product can be used on the left and the right leg, as long as you have selected the right size for your build.


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    With heavy use, the Velcro straps on this brace will wear and will need to be replaced.

Final Thoughts

The DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Brace can help speed up the recovery process and help alleviate pain that is paired with knee ailments. Due to the supportive and reactive properties, this brace is a great solution for athletes, or any individual with knee problems (particularly regarding patellar tracking) looking to invest in a hassle-free recovery product for their knee problems.

Therefore, we are happy to recommend this knee brace as one of our favorite picks of its class, especially in regards to conditions affecting the patella.

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