Copperjoint Compressive Elbow Sleeve Review

Athletes that play sports which require strenuous and constant use of their arms, especially tennis players and golfers, know all too well how much strain their elbows take. Aches and pains in their elbows may show up far more frequently than they can deal with, so how do they take care of their most valuable assets?

Often times, if they have a significant history of elbow injuries, they can turn to traditional joint braces, but they can be bulky and restrict the athlete’s movement. So instead, many athletes turn to compressive elbow sleeves, which offer a little added support and compression without sacrificing mobility and comfort.

Today we’ll review the Copperjoint Compressive Elbow Sleeve, which is a very appealing alternative to bulky, limiting braces. In fact, we actually selected it as one of our Top 5 Golfer's Elbow Braces. Check out our thoughts and see whether this might be the support you’ve been looking for all along!

Copperjoint Compressive Elbow Sleeve - Initial Thoughts

According to Copperjoint, this sleeve is made with material containing copper, and since the materials are all high quality, they support the elbow and also promote a faster healing process for folks that already sustained an injury.

Copperjoing Compressive Elbow Sleeve - Performance

The Compressive Elbow Sleeve wicks away moisture, and with the addition of copper in the design, it’s also anti-bacterial and will not build up foul odors over time.

We found the Copperjoint Elbow Sleeve to be useful in a wide range of applications, ranging from playing a round of tennis to doing some serious yard work. The sleeve really works hard to keep the elbow area cool, always ensuring that the area is kept at optimal body temperature.

While most elbow sleeves kind-of do what they were designed for, the Copperjoint Compressive is definitely an efficient elbow brace for its purpose. Known for its high level of comfort and ability to provide pain relief, this is one of the most convenient ways to prevent or help treat elbow conditions. This sleeve provides just enough support, and the fact that it has a slim profile means that it can easily be worn all day long, even under a long-sleeved shirt.​

It offers great support and has a super comfortable fit. Even after prolonged hours of use, the elbow is still ventilated enough to keep dry and comfortable, but also provides some thermal insulation in the right areas. It’s a great product for athletes that want to get rid of aches and pains in their elbows, and it’s also awesome as a slight preventative measure against elbow injuries.​

Details on the Fit​

The great thing about the Copperjoint Compressive Elbow Sleeve is that it has a great length, which makes it perfect to be used by just about anybody. The stretch material is very durable and creates a comfy support system for your elbow. We did notice that the material isn’t a grippy on the inside, which could mean that it’ll let elbow pads slip around if you wear them, but that’s definitely not a deal breaker for us.​

The Pros​

  • It’s a long sleeve, so it has a universal fit and targets a large area.
  • The sleeve is made with copper which may promotes faster healing times.
  • The fabric used for construction is very soft and comfortable on the skin.
  • It offers a nice level of support.
  • The sleeve wicks away moisture and is also antibacterial.

The Cons

  • It might be a little too long if you have very short arms.
  • If you wear elbow pads it may not hold them in place as tightly as you’d like.

General Consensus

Considering all the benefits that the Copperjoint Compressive Elbow Sleeve brings to the table, we reckon that it’s one of the very best in its class at the moment. It’s very affordable and offers a surprising amount of support while never limiting your ability to move around. We’d be more than happy to recommend this elbow sleeve to anyone looking for a little added elbow support and to protect their elbows from future injury or more chronic injuries like golfer's elbow or tennis elbow.

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