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Shoulder Moving Straps

If you have ever moved furniture or filled boxes, whether it be on your own or helping a friend, you know that it can be a very physical endeavour. In fact, many people throw out their back when moving, mainly because the furniture and other items are so heavy, but perhaps more importantly, they can […]

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Best Shoulder Braces for Football

Due to the fast-paced and high-impact nature of football, injuries are common. The types of injuries and the rates at which they occur depend on the level of play as well as a player’s position. Shoulder injuries are the fourth most common injury seen in football players. This article will provide some of our top picks for different types of shoulder braces. We will provide an overview of the different types of braces, how the particular shoulder braces may be good for football players, and we will also select a variety of price ranges so you can further understand the difference in quality.

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