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In one of our most recent articles, we provided our top picks for the best plus size knee braces. This article will be very similar; however, we will be focusing on what is arguably the most popular plus size: XXXL. Many of the knee braces we reviewed in the previous article either provide a range of sizes or don't include XXXL (some do). In this article, the knee braces that we will discuss come specifically in size XXXL.

Please keep in mind that one XXXL knee brace may not be the exact same size as another XXXL knee brace. Whenever you're researching a knee brace, no matter what size, it's always a good idea to look at the associated sizing chart first. Most will require a measurement around either the thigh, mid-kneecap, just below the knee, or a combination. By being careful with the measurements and keeping an eye out for discrepancies between knee braces, you will maximize your chances of finding the best XXXL knee brace for your particular needs. 

Reviews - Best XXXL Knee Braces

We'll get straight to the point and discuss our Top 5 XXXL knee braces. These XXXL knee braces are not ranked in any particular order, as we are also attempting to provide some variety in our selections, hopefully allowing you to gain a further understanding of what's available and how the XXXL knee braces can differ from one another.

Motion Infinity XXXL Knee Brace


The Motion Infinity XXXL Knee Brace is a little misleading, in that it actually only comes in one size. However, this size is considered to be a plus size that fits a range of from XXL to XXXXL, so XXXL falls right in the middle. To ensure a correct fit, they company provides a sizing chart and range of circumferences that the brace can handle.

Briefly, you're supposed to measure the circumference of your leg 3 inches below the kneecap, 3 inches above the kneecap, and around the middle of the kneecap. To ensure proper sizing, please consider that this XXXL knee brace is good for the following circumferences:

  • 3 Inches below kneecap: 19-21 inches (48-53 cm).
  • 3 inches above kneecap: 21-23.5 inches (53-60 cm).
  • Middle of kneecap: 20-22 inches (51-56 cm).

This brace design is fairly common and provides good all-around ability. It's simple to put on and does include some adjustability with the strapping. The fact that this is a softer material that you can effectively "pull" around your leg means you get a combination of compression and stability. Compression is great for chronic pain and inflammation from conditions like osteoarthritis, while the stability will help reduce risk of subsequently injuring your knee, for example, if you're in the process of healing a torn ACL or torn meniscus.

Unlike some other braces of a similar design, this Motion Infinity XXXL knee brace includes one added feature, which is the double D ringed hinged locking mechanism, which helps boost the stability that this brace can offer. It's still not as physically supportive as a knee brace with bilateral hinges, but it's arguably the best you can get for this type of design.

Overall, this is a great option worth considering if you are looking for something that provides both compression and stability, with a decent amount of both, but not too much of either. This XXXL knee brace can be worn under pants, as long as your pants aren't too tight, and many people wear it daily for routine activities.

Shock Doctor 875 XXXL Hinged Knee Brace


The Shock Doctor 875 Knee Brace is a highly popular knee brace among athletes and the Regular Joe alike. It's available in many sizes, including XXXL, but XXXL is the largest size available. TO ensure proper sizing, you're supposed to measure 2 inches below the knee, whereby size XXXL will accommodate a knee circumference (again, 2cm below the knee) of 16-17.5 inches (40.6-44.5cm).

This XXXL knee brace includes a neoprene sleeve, stretch mesh, aluminum hinges, and 4-way strap system to maximize stability. Although the Shock Doctor is a fairly heavy duty brace, the mesh system allows for comfortable heat ventilation while the vented neoprene provides good moisture-wicking ability.

This is an advanced knee brace and can provide sexcellent upport for moderate to major sprains and knee instability. This product is a bit snug at first but should break in with a few days of exercise. Customers who have used this product long-term are happy with the stability it provides without restricting natural movement of the knee brace.

Unlike many other designs, the Shock Doctor 875 XXXL knee brace will be more difficult to fit under pants, but it is still possible. When worn tightly, this brace can offer some compression, but not much more than a standard knee compression sleeve that you can get for much cheaper. This brace is better for more significant knee injuries or conditions that have resulted in a more unstable knee joint.

Overall, this is an excellent XXXL knee brace and is comparable with the McDavid 422 knee brace that we reviewed in a separate article, although the Shock Doctor is usually available in larger sizes like XXXL. The main advantages in this Shock Doctor knee brace are in the strength of support and durability, which is known to be top-notch, but it comes at the cost of a slightly heavier and more rugged design. Depending on the nature of your injury, this could be great, or on the other hand it could be a little over-the-top, but in general, this is a great XXXL knee brace. Shock doctor has listed a lot more information on their Amazon page with information specific to different knee injuries, so feel free to check that out as well!​

BraceAbility XXXL Bariatric Knee Brace


BraceAbility is one of the most popular brands for XXXL and other plus size knee braces, and braces in general. They have a large range of sizes, all the way up to 6XL. For this XXXL knee brace, you're supposed to measure the leg circumference 3 inches above the middle of the kneecap, as well as 3 inches below the middle of the knee cap. XXXL can accommodate an upper measurement of 20-22 inches, and a lower measurement of 17-19 inches. If you don't fall into this range, no worries, as they have lots of other sizes available.

This is a neoprene knee brace with an open-patella design to allow for an anatomical fit. One subtle feature that can actually go a long way is the cutout behind the knee, which helps to prevent the brace from bunching up while you move around, reducing the chances of any excessive rubbing.

The simple wrap-around design closes at the front making it easy to put on and take off. The Velcro straps are strong and adjustable, so you can further refine the fit after you select the size that works best for you.

One really cool aspect of the BraceAbility bariatric knee brace are the side hinges that provide solid stability, similar to the Shock Doctor 875 XXXL knee brace. These hinges act to limit your range of motion in the side-to-side direction, which are bad movements for the knee joint. For example, these types of movements can cause tears to the LCL (lateral collateral ligament) and the MCL (medial collateral ligament), which are the ligaments that run up the sides of your knee joints. If you’re doing some more research online, you may also see these types of movements described as varus or valgus forces. They also help to prevent hyperextension of the knee joint, which can lead to other ligament injuries as well.

Overall, this is one of the more reliable options for an XXXL (and up) knee brace, and with many sizes to choose from you have a good chance of finding a size that works well for you. Just make sure to take the measurements of your leg and thigh very carefully before purchasing, otherwise you may find yourself having to exchange for a different size.

BraceAbility XXXL Knee Compression Sleeve


This XXXL knee compression sleeve is manufactured by the same company as the knee brace discussed above, and similar to that brace, this knee compression sleeve is available in sizes from XL to 6XL! In this case, the measurements are slightly different, as you need to measure the circumference of your leg 6 inches above and below the middle of the kneecap (as opposed to 3 inches above and below). The XXXL size will accommodate a thigh circumference of 24-27 inches and a lower leg circumference of 18-20 inches.

These types of compression sleeves are handy items to reduce chronic pain and swelling of the knees. Many people wear them throughout their daily activity, is they are basically as thin and lightweight as they come, so you can wear them under your normal pants. The compression and elastic fit does offer a little bit of added support, but it’s not going to limit your range of motion when your knee is subjected to excessive stress, so it’s not a good option for those rehabbing acute knee injuries like ligament tears.

The material itself is neoprene, but it’s very thin and soft and is also latex-free. It can be worn on either knee, and it’s easy to put on, just like a sock. One of the less convenient aspects of this knee brace is that you can’t put it in the washer or dryer. Instead, you need to hand wash it in warm water with mild soap and let it air-dry.

Overall, this is a great option for people with large legs who need something to add a little bit of comfort to their daily routine and eliminate some of the swelling that has developed from conditions like osteoarthritis. Just keep in mind that for more severe knee injuries like ligament tears, this won’t provide any sort of end limit to your range of motion, so be sure that you don’t require anything more substantial.

Wuju Fitness Knee Compression Sleeve


This is a great XXXL knee compression sleeve that is similar in function to the BracAbility XXXL knee compression sleeve. One thing to note right away is that the XXXL size may run a bit smaller than its BraceAbility counterpart. For example, they say that for the Wuju XXXL knee compression sleeve, your upper knee circumference should be 15.4 inches, and your lower knee circumference should be 13.8 inches. Where exactly these measurements should be taken is unknown, but given the design of the brace, we would estimate 2-3 inches above and below. It seems that Wuju now only sells through Amazon, but you can still contact them through their website

The Wuju Fitness knee compression sleeve provides excellent support by sleeve standards. It's a very tight fit with strong material that you will notice actually does help support your knee. Additionally, these types of braces are great for reducing chronic pain and inflammation from conditions like osteoarthritis, so they can be conveniently worn anytime - during activity, lounging around, and even sleeping. The sleeve will fit well under pants, but as a warning, it may take a little while to get used to the thermal insulation (heat) that it provides on your knee after a while.

Other than the uncertainty surrounding the sizes, the only disadvantage to this knee compression sleeve is its tendency to slip down after a while if you are engaging in activity like long walks or jogging. Some people, but not everyone, have found that under these conditions, they need to keep pulling it back up their leg as it gradually slides down. This issue is present in most knee compression sleeves to a certain extent, but neverthless, it is somethin gyou should be aware of.

Overall, this Wuju Fitness XXXL knee compression sleeve is a great option for those looking to add a little extra stability to their knee joint, while also reducing chronic pain and inflammation. It is highly convenient, as it can be worn anytime, and it is really easy to have on under pants. It's also very affordable, especially when compared to other knee braces, so even if you find you only use it around the house, it could still be a worthwhile investment depending on what you need it for (e.g. pain and inflammation).

Selecting an XXXL Knee Brace

Selecting a proper XXXL knee brace is no different than selecting a knee brace of any other size. The main factor in determining your decision will be the nature of your injury or condition of your knees. You can think about this in two main categories: Is it an acute injury that has caused your knee to lose stability, or is it a more chronic condition like osteoarthritis that has led to constant pain and inflammation in your knees?

Acute injuries like a torn ligament or torn meniscus often result in a more unstable knee joint, especially while the knee is still healing. Unlike many other joints in the body, the bones that make up the knee joint don't lock in nicely like a puzzle piece. Instead, the knee relies heavily on surrounding structures to provide sufficient stability, such as muscles, ligaments, and the meniscus (the meniscus is a figure-8 loop of cartilage that helps absorb shock forces and improve the congruity of the knee joint).

If you lose any of these stabilizing structures, especially a ligament, then you will likely require a brace that helps compensate for that loss. In this case, you will need something that restricts your range of motion or provides strict end-limits to your range of motion. Hinged knee braces are great for this, as they stop your knee joint from moving into unwanted side-to-side positions, and they usually prevent hyperextension as well.

If you don't have an acute knee injury like this, but instead have more ongoing problems that are causing pain and swelling in your knee, then you may benefit from something more simple, and therefore cheaper as well. This is usually something like a compression sleeve, whereby the compression helps alleviate the pain and swelling from everyday activities. These can usually be worn comfortably under pants, and are great for daily use.


At the end of the day, you will have your best chance of finding the perfect XXXL knee brace for your needs if you can make it a team effort. Consulting with your doctor or physiotherapist will help shed some light on your particular injury or condition, which should help narrow your selection, making the choice easier.

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Linda D Jaster - March 9, 2018

Looking for a knee brace coz nearly bone on bone my measurements are 23 x 19 can you help

    BraceAxxess - March 10, 2018

    Hi Linda,

    I’ll give you my thoughts, but first, I suggest you see a doctor or physiotherapist in person for the best information, as they will be able to take a look, assess your specific needs, and provide you with some solid options for your particular situation. Generally speaking, it sounds like you will benefit from something that allows you to move around a little more. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a brace that will keep the bones separated, but if you can minimize the pain, then you may be able to move that knee around a bit more, which in turn will help decrease some of your pain in the long run.

    I have a feeling something like a compression sleeve might work nicely for you as a starting point. They are usually on the cheaper end for braces, they aren’t too bulky, and people with chronic knee pain often tend to like them. They can be worn for long periods of time under your pants as well. If your knee is unstable (e.g. history of ligament tears), then maybe something more sturdy with hinges would help prevent future tears, but that won’t really add much protection to the bone-on-bone situation.

    Another reason to visit a doctor or physiotherapist in person is that they can give you other ideas to help with the pain and stiffness. For example, aquatic therapy (exercise in a pool) is a great way to take the load off that knee, while still exercising and moving the knee around. Joint movement is important because it can improve lubrication in the joint, as well as circulation, which is crucial for healing and getting rid of debris/toxins. Also, by strengthening muscles around the knee, you can help take some of the stress of the joint itself. So trying to find ways to exercise the knee without inducing pain, even if it’s just gentle movement while you’re sitting down, can really help long-term. However, all of this is difficult to describe in text, and to avoid providing you with incorrect information, an in-person visit with a local health professional (if possible) is always the best option.

    Hope that helps!

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